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Léa Linster is a woman who has gained her place among the great chefs of international fame.This native Luxembourger was the first woman who won the "Bocuse d'Or", the highest distinction in the world of cuisine. She was born on April 27th 1955, the daughter of a pastry chef and cook, and a first class gourmet: she inherited his talent for fine cooking. With the death of her father, she assumed her place at the family inn at Frisange and, in 1982, opened there her first gourmet restaurant.”Lea Linster”. In 1987, the famous restaurant guide “Michelin” awarded her with her first star, which she has retained up to the present.

In 1991, she continued her path of success with the opening of an excellent restaurant serving Luxembourg specialties. From these endeavors, Léa Linster has attained world renown. Since 2001, this mother of a 14 year old son has also been responsible for the gastronomical columns in the bi-monthly German magazine "Brigitte". Léa is appreciated the world over for her refined, elegant, and yet unpretentious cuisine.

"Best of Lea Linster", the second book from this great chef, is entirely devoted to the recipes of her two restaurants "Léa Linster" and "Kaschthaus", made accessible to the home cook Available in French and English only.


Book Specifications

"Best of Léa Linster, Cuisinière"

First Published 2003 by Léa Linster in German and French editions
Published in 2004 by Léa Linster in English
Foreword by Paul Bocuse.

Over 80 recipes, 88 photos.

Hardcover, 177 pages
24 x 26'5 cm, 1,1kg
Price: 66 Euros, Plus 25 Euros Shipping
ISBN: 2-9599-854-2-7

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