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In February 2001 Editions Alain Ducasse published “Le Grand Livre d’Alain Ducasse” in French, his 5.2 kg (12 pounds) masterpiece with 1056 pages, over 700 recipes, and more than 1000 photos. Editions Alain Ducasse has published his "Culinary Encyclopedia" in English and it is now available from our warehouse.

The later books in The Grand Livre collection will also soon be published in English. The books to be included in this program are English editions of “Patisseries” (in French in 2002), “Brasseries” (in French in 2003) and “Mediterranean” (in French in 2004). They will not necessarily be published in the same order in English.

One reviewer called the “Grand Livres d’Alain Ducasse” the cookbooks to end all cookbooks!


Book Specifications

First Published 2001 by Editions Alain Ducasse, French edition
Published in 2004 by Editions Alain Ducasse in English.

Over 700 recipes, 1000 photos.

Hardcover, 1056 pages
Price: 225 Euros, transportation not included

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