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When opening the book of Oscar Caballero on El Bulli, the reader expects the definitive work by a culinary writer on the most talked about restaurant in the world. The reader will get this, and much more.

This is a culinary book different from the others, profoundly original, and unique. The author manages to transmit through his words the aroma and feelings only known up to now by the few that have eaten in the restaurant of Ferran Adriá. So the hooked client of El Bulli will recognize his experience throughout the book, and the reader who has never been there will understand and even become an expert on El Bulli.

The key to the experience is the wild sense of humour shared by Ferran Adriá, Juli Soler and Oscar Caballero. It makes possible a very profound study of culinary history, touching many cultures and times, to arrive at the foam, the siphon and the sponge in the Mediterranean restaurant. Step by step, culinary arts are incorporated to life, and life to culinary arts. The book is so well written that we understand why one can cry and laugh eating a deconstruction by Ferran Adriá, because we tasted the dish through the words of Caballero.

Text and Textures by Oscar Caballero is both totally independent and a perfect complement for "El Bulli 1983-2002", the masterpiece in 3 volumes (of 10 pounds each) by Ferran Adriá, Juli Soler and Albert Adriá. In his book, Oscar Caballero analyzes the human, cultural historical and culinary context of El Bulli to explain the process by which it became probably the most interesting restaurant in the world, if not the best.

The Caballero book will be required reading for all culinary professionals. Like the foams of Adriá, it seems it came out of the magical siphon where sense of humor, memory, research and above all creativity are mixed. When the reader closes the book, it is as if he walked out of the restaurant: happiness, emotions and feelings will have taken over.

The author: Oscar Caballero has known the restaurant for over 10 years, eaten there over 50 times, and has become a very close friend of Ferran Adriá and Juli Soler: He has written 15 other books, and is a culinary writer and journalist based in Paris.

There are no recipes or photos of recipes. This book is intended to be the perfect companion and addition to the masterpiece "El Bulli 1983-2002" in 3 volumes, which has the definitive text and photos of all recipes.

Available in Spanish and English only.


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El Bulli is more than a restaurant
A book that is bullimic, adriatic and mediterranean
El Bulli, work in deconstruction
Soler and Adriá, word for word
Bustling El Bulli : Adriá and Soler
Genetic Cuisine
Adriá and Soler : Boiling brains
El Bulli foam
Soler and Adriá : Two men and destiny
El Bulli : Text and Textures
Soler and Adriá in context
El Bulli : University of Arquitexture
Life and miracles of Soler and Adriá
Where there was fire there is now induction
Summer and foam of smoke
Nothing with siphon
You also eat at El Bulli
Days of wine and Roses