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This special volume celebrates twenty years of team work. In August 1983, Ferran Adrià started working with Juli Soler, who was the restaurant manager at elBulli at that time. Albert Adrià joined them in 1985.This book is a step-by-step of twenty years kitchen work, explaining the restaurant's development, the keys, and the results of Ferran Adrià's creations year after year.

This cookbook is the first to be structured like an art catalogue. It covers every creation, with technical explanations, for the professional and the amateur, with a sumptuous presentation and a simple approach easy to understand for each recipe. The photos of Francesc Guillamet, the best photographer in Catalunya, are art masterpieces which enshrine the dishes of El Bulli.

This is also the first cookbook in which a chef explains the source of inspiration for all his recipes, the influences behind his creation, the reasons for the techniques used, and his feelings about the result. This is the first elBulli book that is going to be published in various languages. It includes a CD-Rom with all the recipes, which are numbered and classified. All the dishes have been photographed for the book.
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Book Specifications
Book Contents
CD-Rom Contents
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Pages: 496
Size: 31.5 x 24cm
Weight: 4,465 grams appx.
Words: Appx. 70,000

Book comes presented in its own
case with a 22-page guide and
an interactive hybrid CD-ROM
compatible with MacOS & WIN98.

Recipes have both UK
and American measures.

Evolutionary analysys
Combinations of products
New products
371 Recipes
2002 wine list
Diagrams of the evolutionary analysis
Recipe searcher
Mosaic of photographs
Recipe printing option

Words: Appx. 170.000

Evolution plan
Index of the evolutionary analysis
Organisation and philosophy
Styles and characteristics
Vocabulary for evolutionary analysys
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Publication date for English version: November 2003
© Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler, Albert Adrià
© Photography: Francesc Guillamet

Text: Josep Maria Pinto
Graphics and Image Editing: Roberta Sucupira, Marta Méndez
Scanner and Image Editing: Fotograbados Igual
CD-ROM Production: Antoni Pareja, Jordi Berenguer
Technical Coordination: Daniel Bardají
Printing and binding: Impresiones Generales S.A.
CD-ROM, Master and Duplication : LAB-CDROM